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Trade Catalogues


Welcome to our new and easy way to view/download our latest trade catalogues as well as our old ones too! 

Enjoy browsing our collections and step into the world of Ari D. Norman. Discover more about the history of our brand and the ethics, design and production processes which set us apart from any other.

Catalogues available to view/download:

Baby & Child
Personal Gifts 
Pill Boxes
Jewellery & Accessories 
Desk & Photo Frames

Dining & Drinking

A Taste of JewelAri

Equestrian Collections

Corporate Design and Production Examples

Should you require any further information such as stock availability and to receive Trade Price lists etc… please Contact us providing with your details and request and we will get in touch right away!

Proudly introducing our two core Ari D. Norman globally recognised brands. Namely;

Ari Sterling - Our Sterling Silver Jewellery and Gift Collection.

This is a collection of the finest sterling silver jewellery, giftware and tableware inspired by the adventure of the Victorian era, the romance of Art Nouveau, and the liberated spirit of Art Deco. Combining the influences of yesteryear with modern taste, English craftsmanship and the British Hallmark of quality creating a very evocative style rich in tradition.

JewelAri - Our High Fashion Costume Jewellery and Gift Collection.

Launched in 2010, JewelAri’s guiding ethos is to maintain and apply the skills of silversmiths and goldsmiths to non-precious metals. Creating a classically inspired, bold and playful collection of vibrant enamel and crystal set pieces of sparkling elegance and larger than life chic.

Corporate Commissions - Specialising in the design and production of both high and low minimum order projects for private label collections, one of a kind commissions and corporate gifts

Ari D. Norman keenly undertakes design and production briefs to produce exclusive items and collections for both the corporate, luxury brand and one off commission markets. Each project is meticulously tailored to meet the customer’s vision through constant communication and consultation with our design and production teams. We offer the complete service and are happy to work in any material and commence at any stage of the process from concept through design, manufacturing and packaging.