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My mum always told me how beautiful they were one of the most beautiful birds there are! I always found it  interesting that it is the male that has the beautiful tail once opened. When I was around 6 years of age it would be regular treat to go to Kensington Park and wait to see them open their tails. This memory and fondness of the beautiful colours left a lasting impression in my mind.


Even when I travelled to India some 20 years later it was a Peacock that left with me with one of my most poignant and vivid memories of India then, with the days of the Maharajas and Empire all but disappeared.


As I travelled India I was always left with an overall impression of India which was one of an India still very much in the shadow of the remnants of its past days of rich Sultans and Maharajas. I would often visit and walk round old castles and palaces steeped in greatness and in the grounds you would almost always find some peacocks. I would see these beautiful birds in these surroundings and somehow they almost seemed to me as the last living reminders of the exotic beauty and richness that must have been in the days or yesteryear…there I am in the grey skeleton of run down palaces and a peacock would appear almost out of nowhere, open its tail and it was beauty and nostalgia all in one!


As the hippy in me slowly became a designer and silversmith I found the same beauty and poignancy I saw in India in the peacock designs of the Art Nouveau movement and in particular the genius of Lalique.


I now invite you to view some of my creations! 

Ari Daniel Norman – Founder, Designer, Silversmith, lover of nature, family, adventure and life!!

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JNK44   Gold Plated Peacock Necklace Jewelari of London
JNK44   Gold Plated Peacock Necklace Jewelari of London Bursting with colour and beauty, our..