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Do I get any guarantee with my purchase?

          All our products come with a one year guarantee.  If it breaks due to a manufacturing fault we can repair or replace it without charge.

I am buying this as a gift but I am not sure if it will fit, can you alter sizes of things?
          80% of our bracelets and necklaces we are able to either make shorter or longer depending upon our preference, this can usually be done at our head office for a small cost.

Does this come gift wrapped?
          As a standard all our items come in a presentation box with certifcate card.  We also offer an additional gift wrapping service, for just £2.0 we will beautifully wrap your purchase in our specially designed wrapping package. For more information please see the 'Finishing Touches' section.

I saw an item at a show, I have decided to buy it but I cannot see it on your website, can I still buy it?
          We have a large turnover of stock at our shows with a lot of pieces being one-offs BUT if you give us a good description or maybe even a small sketch we will do our best to track it down.

How will my order be delivered?
          We send all purchases via U.P.S.  Everything needs to be signed for so if you are planning on being out have it sent somewhere else otherwise the courier driver will have to take it back to the depot with him.

How do I clean my purchase?
          To clean silver we use a silver cloth for regular shining, it is easy and gives great results as it doesn’t leave any residue.  If further action is still needed then silver dip is called for!

My friend has a beautiful bracelet she bought from you 3 three years ago, do you still stock it?
          Maybe yes and maybe no.  We can always see if we can find you one in our archive vintage stock; sending us a picture of the piece can be a good place to start.


Can I send my order to address different than my address? What to do if PayPal does not allow me to do so?

- YES! we can send your order to a different address e.g. directly to your friend/loved ones or your own different address, then please un-tick "Please deliver to my address".

- Please ignore delivery address on PayPal if you can not amend your delivery address on PayPal. We understand that PayPal only allows the delivery to addresses registered with them, but we will still deliver the order to the address you provide us for delivery.


How can I pay with my Credit/Debit card, if I am not a PayPal Member?

- When you reach the PayPal page after you "Confirm Order", select "Checkout as a Guest" on PayPal Page as shown below

- Enter your card details and address registered with the card as shown below (We are sorry that you have to enter these details again as PayPal verfies the card for security)

- The the end of page PayPal offers you option to either register for a free account or proceed without registering. We advise you to register for quicker checkout next time, however you can choose "No, thanks" and this way your payment will be processed without registering with PayPal.

What is your returns policy?
          You have 10 working days in which to return your gift.  You are then able to exchange it or in some cases we can even alter the size. Just give the ‘Customer Service’ a call on +44(0)20 8900 0700 and she/he will do her/his best to help you.

All returns must be done so by recorded delivery such as Royal Mail.

If you still have a question that is not covered here, please contact us.